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kim kardashian

Here is the latest GQ issue with Kim Kardashian. Who is this guy next to her, he must be the luckiest man in the world seeing Kim Kardashian in a sexy dessous outfit!

Paris Hilton is one year older!

Feb 18, 2009 Filed under: Paris Hilton


What a picture! Who is this rude rude lady who is always reaching for immediate attention? The heiress Paris Hilton celebrated her 28th birthday at the Mercedes Benz Fall 2009 Fashion Week with her sister. What a surprise that her BFF Brittany Flick was not there!


Jessica Simpson is kicking ass in her new comedy ” Major Movie Star”, wich is the number one movie in Russia at the moment. Chances are, the movie won’t make it to the US…

holly gross

Rumors are circulating that Playboy star Holly Madison moved out of the Playboy mansion and left the two other girls Bridget and Kendra. She left Hugh Hefner for the magician Criss Angel…oh well, I can’t believe she left Hugh Hefner, they seemed just a cute couple.

bar raf

While Bar Rafaeli is sunbathing in Saint Tropez, France, Leonardo DiCaprio is visiting his grandma in Germany.

katie holmes

Katie Holmes and her husband Tom Cruise are having a housewarming party in their new Beverly Hills home. Most celebrities are invited to the Cocktail party!

Shania Twain is Single Again!

May 22, 2008 Filed under: Shania Twain

shania gross

Shania Twain is single again! After 14 years of marriage, Shania broke up with producer Robert “Mutt” Lange, 59. The couple who met in 1993 have a six year old son Eja D’Angelo.

britney spears with big belly on her terrace in beverly hills-02 122 32lo

It seems that Britney Spears and Ex husband Kevin Federline are getting along pretty well again. Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin Federline’s attorney did appear on the Today Show announcing that their relationship is slowly improving. Britney finally has been awarded more visitation rights to see her children.

Britney is Back

May 6, 2008 Filed under: Britney Spears


According to a statement, Britney is back and happy to work again with the cast of the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”. “I had such a great experience the last time I was on the show that I couldn’t wait to come back,” the singer said in a statement Monday. “I was really looking forward to working with this cast and crew again.
It’s probably the latest promising step in Britney’s life post-hospitalization.


Britney Spears needs some family time now. She spent her last week-end in Kentwood, Louisiana with her family. At the same time she was celebrating her sister’s baby shower on Saturday at her Serenity Mansion. Jamie Lynn is reportedly pregnant with her first baby girl.