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One child is not enough for the super rock star Gwen Stefanie who already has one son , Kingston James Mc Gregor, with Gavin Rosedale. She wanted to share the news right away after she found out at the Cedars-Sinai hospital later on today. Congratulations!

Paris Hilton: New Shoe Line!

Jan 29, 2008 Filed under: Paris Hilton


Super diva Paris Hilton is coming out with a new shoe line aimed at broads with big feet. Paris claims that after coming out with recently launched sportswear and fragrance line, she wants the perfect shoe that feels great from head to toe without spending a fortune.


Angelina Jolie walked down the Red Carpet last night with longtime “still” boyfriend Brad Pitt. Angelina was wearing a flowing vintage Hermes dress, where she might have hidden her little bump. Well, the couple doesn’t comment but rumors are circulating that Angie might be pregnant again!


Angelina Jolie is apparently pregnant with twin, as Star magazine and X17 online reported. It seems she will never give up having more and more kids with Brad Pitt. As Angelina said earlier, she is planning to have 14 children!


Mary Kate Olsen was the first one being contacted several times by the massage therapist, after Diana Wolozin discovered Ledgers’ body and before dialing 911.

Mary Kate and all the other celebrities made a statement and were deeply sorry about the 28 years old Broke Back Mountain star.


Sarah Jessica Parker was being photographed in New York earlier today. She rocked the scene while being in front of the camera for a promo shoot for the upcoming Sex and the City movie.

Eva Longoria: Has a new Tattoo!

Jan 24, 2008 Filed under: Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria got tattooed. It shows Tony’s uni number, No 9, but is written out “nine” on the back of her neck. Does Eva show real commitment to her buddy or is this just fake?


The Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger, 28, who was found dead in his New York apartment, is being remembered as a loving father and great actor. The police originally said that Heath may have died from a drug overdose, but medical examiner conducted an autopsy that proved inconclusive!


The 16 years old Nickelodeon star agreed on giving up her baby to her mother once it is born. She reluctantly agreed after a long talk with her mom, and admits that she wants to focus on her career first. Well, she should have known before getting pregnant that there are years of responsibilities if she plans to raise the baby by herself!


Angelina Jolie couldn’t believe the news when she wasn’t nominated for this years Oscars. Angelin, who starred in “A Mighty Heart”, in which she gave a stunning performance as Marianne Pearl has already earned a Golden Globe and a Spirit Award nomination, however this year not a nomination for the Academy Awards.